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What You Should Know About Tingling Hands and Feet

Do you often have tingling hands and feet? Sometimes, you might get the feeling that your feet or hands have fallen asleep. This can cause a tingling sensation for a few minutes. However, other times tingling hands and feet can be a sign of something else. Although it's rare, if it happens often tingling hands and feet can be symptoms of other more serious medical conditions.

Raynaud's phenomenon is just one medical condition in which this can be a symptom. In Raynaud's, cold temperatures or even strong emotions can make blood vessels spasm. These spasms can block the blood flow to the fingers and toes which can cause a tingling sensation.

You might feel the tingling for minutes or even hours. Although there usually isn't pain with the tingling, it can still be disconcerting.

Megaloblastic anemia can also cause tingling hands and feet. This is a blood disorder in which anemia with large blood cells occurs. It is usually caused by a deficiency in Vitamin B12 or folic acid. Other symptoms might include diarrhea, change in skin color, loss of appetite, headaches, tiredness, and sore mouth.

Pernicious anemia occurs when there is a decrease in red blood cells and the body is unable to absorb Vitamin B12 properly. It is a type of megaloblastic anemia. It is usually caused by a protein that the stomach produces. When the stomach doesn't make enough of it, then the intestines can't absorb Vitamin B12 properly.

Another medical condition that can cause the hands and feet to tingle is peripheral neuropathy. This is a problem in which the nerves that carry information to and from the spinal cord and brain are not functioning properly. It can also produce the inability to control muscles, pain, and loss of sensation.

Even a herniated disk can cause tingling. When the spinal disk slips through a weakened part of the disk, then pressure is placed on the nerves that are nearby. Along with lower back pain, it can also cause tingling. Herniated disks usually occur most often in middle-aged men who participate in strenuous activity.

Lastly, a very serious disorder referred to as Guillain-Barre syndrome happens when the body's immune system attacks part of the nervous system by mistake. This can cause the nerves to become inflamed and the muscles to weaken. It is an autoimmune disorder but it is unknown as to what causes it.

Other symptoms that can accompany Guillain-Barre syndrome include loss of reflexes, muscle weakness, numbness, muscle pain, and uncoordinated movements.

Having a tingling sensation from time to time after you've been sitting in a single position for an extended period is usually nothing to worry about. However, if you notice that the tingling is gettign worse, or that you are having it more often, even when youhaven't been sitting, then you should definitely bring up any concerns that you mgiht be having to your doctor. Although it might not be anything serious, it never hurts to get a second opinion just to make sure. 



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